Nồi nấu bia HomeBrew tự động (All in)

Kí hiệu: Allin

Xuất xứ : China

Điện thoại: 0989 566 608

Email: kinhdoanh.krs@gmail.com

  • Single wall beer mash tun, stainless steel 304
  • More heat resistance
  • Full line 45L, actual volume up to 52L, avoid overflowing
  • Large diameter of urn is quite convenient for user to stir the grain
  • With Circulation system (pump) for circulating the wort, support long time working, not like other weak pump that is easily broken
  • Multifunction program for timer, temperature and power setting
  • Concealed element makes unit easy to clean up
  • LCD display
  • Stainless steel tap
  • Packing size:46x46x80cm

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